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Fall Wedding Makeup
Doing your makeup is different for fall weddings than for summer celebrations.

Fall wedding makeup tips

Doing your makeup is different for fall weddings than for summer celebrations. 

Fall weddings are beautiful – the weather is crisp and clear and the temperature is comfortable. Doing your makeup is different for fall weddings than for summer celebrations. Your wedding colours are likely darker and more vibrant than for summer weddings and your makeup should be, too. Here are some top makeup tips for fall weddings. 

Use bright colours for eye shadow, lipstick, and blush. Stronger colours are best for fall and winter weddings. 

Cooler temperatures mean makeup can be applied more thickly without fear of it running or melting. Use liquid foundation which will provide a smooth surface for application of blush.

Use eyeliner to frame your eyes. This will help to highlight your eyes.

Smoky eyes are perfect for autumn weddings. Use natural colours such as taupe, smoke, and brown, to make a soft, smoky eye.

Pick a dark lipstick for fall, rather than light pink. Mulberry, cranberry, and wine colours are all good options.

Outline your lips in a slightly darker shade than your lipstick. Then, fill in your lips with a crème lipstick in a colour that looks good with your skin tone.

Don’t forget blush. Use pink or peach shades on your cheeks to create definition in your cheekbones and to avoid a washed out look.

If your tan is fading, try using a bronzer for your face. Keep the shade as natural as possible and be sure to use it on your neckline as well to avoid any harsh lines.

Keep your makeup in place by using a spray makeup fixative. Use waterproof mascara and eye makeup to make sure that if you shed any tears your makeup won’t roll down your face.

Prepare a makeup touch-up kit and have a friend bring it along to the wedding and reception. If you need a touch-up you’ll be ready with the same colours you’re wearing.

Do a trial run of your wedding day makeup ahead of time to verify that it’s the look you want. Take a photo and write down the exact shades so you can easily duplicate it on your wedding day.

If you like, get your makeup professionally done for your wedding. Try it ahead of time so you are certain you have the look you want.

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