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Don’t settle when it comes to decorating the location where you’ll say “I do.”

Decorating your wedding ceremony

Making sure everything looks spectacular for your wedding ceremony takes more than just picking out the right shoes and gown. While all eyes will be on you, chances are you want to set the right ambiance in the location where you and your sweetheart will exchange vows. This calls for selecting wedding ceremony decorations to create a tone and add beauty to the atmosphere.

When it’s time to plan the wedding ceremony decorations, you’ll need to consider several things:

The location – Are you having your ceremony in a traditional church? Do you plan on tying the knot at the beach? The location and available space will prove critical for the kinds of decorations you might need for your wedding ceremony. Examine the space and determine how much decorating you’d like to do and critical areas that you won’t compromise on.

Your budget – Decking out a church with an extra 500 flowers for the pews, altar and entryway can add a pretty penny onto your bottom line. There are ways, however, to decorate even large spaces beautifully without going over budget. First, though, you do need to know how much you can spend on wedding ceremony decorations. If you are dealing with a large space and little money, consider a mix of fresh and silk flowers for the altar. Or, just go with bows in your wedding colors for the pews. Strategically placed arrangements can get the job done without costing a fortune.

Your theme – Wedding ceremony decorations can be anything you want them to be, but most brides do select colours that complement their themes. Consider arrangements or bows that match the colour in bridesmaids’ dresses or help that colour stand out more. Contrasting colours can also look spectacular.
Decorating for a wedding ceremony requires an eye for detail. Ideally, you’ll want to make sure the guest areas, the entry and the spot of the ceremony itself are decorated with flowers or other embellishments. Make sure arrangements complement your gown and that the complexity of decoration designs doesn’t overpower visually. Remember, you do want all eyes on you – not the flowers!

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