There are plenty of beautiful fall colour combinations that are perfect for the autumn wedding.

Colours for a beautiful fall wedding

Fall is a wonderful time of year for a wedding. The heat of the summer is past and the crisp fall air is a welcome change. Fall also is one of the prettiest times of the year. There are plenty of beautiful fall colour combinations that are perfect for the autumn wedding.

Warm, earth tones

Many people associate fall with warm, earth tones such as yellows, tans, and browns. Think about the colours in nature in the fall – red leaves, orange pumpkins, and brown trees. Combine these colours together to make a fall colour statement. Keep in mind that these colours can be strong on their own so try to keep your combination to just two or three colours at the most. Orange accents look great with yellow and tan. Avoid combining red with green or you’ll end up with a Christmas theme.

Deeper hues

When you have a fall wedding you can get away using deeper hues of each of the colours. In fact, deeper colours are best for autumn. Softer tones or pastel colours are associated with spring, not fall. A great tip when choosing your colours is to visit your local paint store. Look at the paint sample chips in colours that you like. Check out the various depths of colours available in each colour family. Place colours next to each other to see how they look together.

Crisp, cool colours

Think about a crisp fall day when picking out your wedding colours. Add some dimension to the colour scheme by thinking about the décor. Natural items can be brought indoors to create a wonderful centerpiece. Include cattails, coloured leaves, branches, and pumpkins that all add to a fall look. The colours should be strong enough to look deep. Think about your favorite colours and then add another colour to make them pop. Colours that are across from each other on the colour wheel complement each other and make good companions.

Tips for Fall Wedding Colours

  • Keep the colour scheme simple – too many colours look busy
  • Think about using simple earth tones for the décor
  • Make the bridesmaids stand out by having them wear a colour that stands out. For example, use natural décor with yellow bridesmaid dresses.
  • When choosing colours keep all of them in the same depth.
  • Switch out stark white tablecloths for a more subtle cream or tan tone
  • Add natural decorative elements for tablescapes
  • Use candles to add a warm fall glow to the room

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