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There are some questions to consider before selecting a ceremony style.

Choosing Between A Secular Or Religious Wedding Ceremony

As you and your intended bind your lives together during your wedding ceremony, you want to make sure that the vows truly reflect what is in your hearts. After all, the promises made on this day above all others are meant to last and bring joy and comfort in the years ahead.

Unfortunately, deciding upon the right type of wedding ceremony can be more difficult than many brides and grooms realize. Some couples prefer going with the standard ceremony promoted by their personal religions. Others opt for purely secular ceremonies. Still others create their own hybrid of sorts.

So, what type of wedding ceremony is right for you and your spouse-to-be? There are only two people in the world who can answer this question with all honesty. There are some questions to consider before selecting a ceremony style:

Do you or your sweetheart have religious leanings in a particular direction? If so, you may want to consider going with a wedding ceremony that reflects personal beliefs. Should you not see eye-to-eye on religion, sometimes a ceremony that reflects both sets of believes can work wonders as a compromise. In other cases, couples choose to have two wedding ceremonies to properly honor each religious tradition.

How much time do you have before the wedding? In some cases, a religious wedding ceremony may not be possible if there isn’t enough lead time. Certain religious ceremonies call for the bride and groom to attend classes and/or counseling before a priest or pastor can conduct a wedding.

Are there specific vows you would like to say? Some religious wedding ceremony options may not offer the flexibility a bride and groom may want to say their own vows or add to the wording. If this is a concern and saying your own vows is important, a secular ceremony might make more sense.

What do you truly want? It doesn’t matter whether a wedding ceremony follows a particular religion’s traditions or is 100 percent secular – if it’s what you and your intended want it will be perfect. Talk out the options together and make the decision to have the type of ceremony you desire.

Your wedding ceremony is the moment in time you and your spouse will remember forever. Whether you choose a religious observance, a secular path or a hybrid of the two isn’t as important as what is in your hearts. Select your path together and your ceremony will be perfect.

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