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Try these tips for choosing the best bridesmaid dresses that will please everyone (especially you).

Bridesmaid stress – Dealing with colours your bridesmaids don’t want to wear

Try these tips for choosing the best bridesmaid dresses that will please everyone (especially you).

You’ve heard the old adage “you can’t please all of the people all of the time” and it certainly applies to your bridesmaids. Yes, you’ve chosen your best friends to be part of your wedding party, but don’t expect them to like everything along the way. In fact, the dress colour is probably the most difficult decision to make because it’s one that is hard to agree on. You don’t need to be an old hag by dictating the colours of the wedding. Instead, try these tips for choosing the best bridesmaid dresses that will please everyone (especially you).

• Choose a wedding colour that suits every type of skin colouring. This is easier said than done. Colours come in various shades. Some look better with certain skin tones and hair colours than others. If you have a redhead in the group, keep in mind that she does have a legitimate point – some colours just make her look clownish!

• If your bridesmaids are all similar in skin tone choosing a colour will be easier.  When you have several colour choices in mind get some swatches of each of them to show your bridesmaids.

• Pick several colour choices BEFORE you start shopping as a group for bridesmaid dresses. Then, your bridesmaids will have some type of choice, however, you’ll be certain that they can only pick from the options you have pre-approved.

• When bridesmaids can’t agree on colour choices, consider having them wear different hues in the same colour family. This works well for most colours and gives the bridesmaids a better choice for a colour they prefer. For example, if you would like blue as the colour consider light blue, medium blue and dark blue in the same colour family.

• Keep in mind that many bridesmaids complain about the dress until they actually picture it in the wedding. You can avoid these complaints by finding a picture from a magazine with the colour choice that you like. This makes it easier for them to see how pretty the colour will be in the actual wedding.

• Sometimes colours that are very light or very dark don’t look good on some people. When choosing the colour pick a hue that is in the medium range – neither too light nor too dark.

• Add a white or lace cover-up to the dress. This enables the bridesmaids to “change” the colour by wearing their cover-up.

• If bridesmaids are adamant about colour choices you can consider having a rainbow wedding (various coloured dresses) or alternating bridesmaids with two different colours.

• Remember – This is YOUR wedding and ultimately, your decision as to the colour of the bridesmaid dresses. If you have to, put your foot down and simply tell them that the decision has been made!

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