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Father guiding his daughter to the altar.
Bored by Bach? Turned off by Tchaikovsky? Try these fresh music ideas for your processional

Beyond “Here Comes The Bride” Music!

When you think of a bride walking down the aisle, what’s the first song that comes to mind? Did you say “Here Comes the Bride?” Come on ladies! Get creative. From your ceremony to your first dance, figuring out which songs to go with can be difficult, but with an open mind and the desire to stand out, your song choices can be a beautiful touch to your wedding.

“Couples that get married in a church often avoid anything different,” said Jennifer Borgh, a local and destination wedding planner for Jennifer Borgh Events. “But couples that marry outside the church are now starting to change it up.”

Your walk down the aisle is like walking the pathway to your future. It’s your time as a bride to realize that your future is waiting for you up ahead and a really great song that symbolizes you and your partner as a couple can help capture the moment beautifully.

“Brides that are trying to be less traditional often want ideas of songs or want to use a song that has a special meaning, such as the first concert they attended together,” said Borgh.

If you and your partner are fans of Elton John, Brogh suggests walking to the song “Something About the Way You Look Tonight.” If you are worried about lyrics taking away from your moment, pick up the instrumental version of your favourite song.

According to Brogh, walking to a song with lyrics can be really moving, especially if you have a live singer.

“Just make sure the words match the event throughout the song,” says Brogh.

Another great way to portray you and your partner’s bond through song can be with culture. If you and your partner share the same background, choose a song symbolic of your culture.

“I went to a wedding where a bride walked down to bagpipes playing,” said Brogh.

If you and your partner are from two different backgrounds, choosing a song that is symbolic of the bride’s family can be the perfect way to infuse a little culture into your wedding.

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