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6 Myths about Acne

Clearing up some common myths about acne.

Think you already know all there is to know about acne? You may be surprised that some of the causes and treatments you’ve heard about acne are simply not true. Keep reading for the facts about acne.

Acne Myth #1: Eating Chocolate Gives you Acne.

The controversy over diet and how it relates to acne continues. Although some studies have suggested that milk products might influence breakouts (presence of hormones and bacteria), it is strongly recommended you speak with your physician before eliminating foods that could affect bone health.

Acne Myth #2: Adults Don’t Get Acne.

Ask a Dermatologist. Anyone can get acne, at any age, due to overactive hormones that could be triggered by stress, nutrition or life phases such as pregnancy, post-natal or menopause.

Acne Myth #3: Popping pimples will make your skin better.

Not true. Avoid the urge to pick or pop pimples as this process can cause inflammatory bacteria to spill into surrounding tissues, make the situation worse and increasing the risk of acne scarring.

Acne Myth #4: Sweating Helps rid your skin of acne.

Some belief a “good sweat” in a steam room or using hot towels will relieve acne. But in fact, some studies suggest that high temperatures and humidity can worsen the condition; hence you may want to avoid extreme temperatures and opt for “moderate” heat.

Acne Myth #5: Tanning clears acne.

Tanning can help hide acne in the short term, but UV rays will ultimately dry skin and can make your condition worse by creating pigmented acne scars or making your skin redden. Remember, tanning causes premature aging and increases your risk of skin cancer.

Acne Myth #6: More frequent washing improves acne.

Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands are blocked and although good hygiene is important for removing dirt, excess oil and turning over dead skin cells, washing too frequently will exacerbate acne by disrupting the natural balance of your skin.


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