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Keeping wedding guests happy is as easy as pie – depending on what you serve them to eat.

4 Wedding Catering tips

You’ve found the perfect company to handle your wedding catering, but you’re stumped on the menu selection. After all, guests most likely won’t remember what colour your bridesmaids wore, but they will remember if the food was awful.

If you’re looking for something more than just a choice between chicken and fish, there are some things to keep in mind to guide you toward the perfect menu. Make sure to consider these things:

The time of day for the ceremony – Wedding catering selections can be narrowed down immensely by the time of day. A morning wedding might give way to a brunch-style buffet, for example. A formal evening wedding almost always calls for a formal sit-down dinner. A lunch-time event also opens the door on a world of possibilities from finger foods all the way up to multi-course meals.

The setting for your reception – Where you hold your ceremony and the theme you choose for the event can also impact the selection you might want to make for wedding catering.  A lunchtime garden wedding, for example, simply lends itself to finger sandwiches and salads. Beach ceremonies are exceptionally good for Caribbean-type cuisine. Pork, chicken, beans and rice shouldn’t set your budget back too much and these menu items can really jazz up a beach theme.

Your personal tastes – Any dishes you and your groom have in mind should be considered carefully to go along with wedding catering. Even if you both simply want a hot dog barbecue in the backyard, it’s your day. Craft it the way you want it.

Special guests – While your preferences will reign supreme, do keep guests with any special dietary needs in mind. Wedding catering should be flexible enough to accommodate a diabetic, a vegetarian or a person with food allergies. If this is a concern, work with your caterer to consider menu items for guests with unique requirements. The gesture will be appreciated and will help guests better participate in your joyous day.

Planning wedding catering doesn’t have to be a difficult undertaking. Just keep your budget, theme and any special considerations in mind. The perfect menu can offer a whole lot more than just chicken or fish.

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