How to make your wedding day memorable for all the right reasons.

15 Ways to wow your guests

Your wedding is the most important day in your life so you’ll want to make sure that it’s a memorable one for your guests. Here are 15 new ways to wow your guests at your wedding.

1. Unique wedding vows – Write your own vows that wow. Publish them on handouts or in the program.

2. Funky wedding dance (choreographed) – Practice makes perfect. Choose a professionally choreographed wedding dance and practice it ahead of time.

3. Perfect decorations – Avoid tired, old decorations. Instead, choose new, bright, fresh looks that have an artsy edge.

4. Interesting theme – Pick an interesting theme for your wedding and then stick to it throughout the ceremony and reception.

5. Cool wedding cake – Opt for a modern take on the traditional wedding cake. Another idea is to choose cupcakes or cake pops.

6. Interesting favours – Find interesting favours that are new and exciting. Make them at home with your family or bridesmaids.

7. Fun seating cards – Seating cards can get creative. Try a new and more interesting approach such as naming the tables with old movies, types of flowers, or artists.

8. Creative table decor – Think about distinctive table decor. One new idea is to put live goldfish in stacked bowls on the tables. Get wild and creative!

9. Updated ceremony – You don’t need to have the same old stodgy ceremony. Instead, help to develop a more unique ceremony that is custom tailored to the two of you.

10. Programs with pizzazz – Create fun programs to hand out at the service. Look online to get ideas, many of which are very inexpensive to make.

11. Fresh colour combinations – Forget about picking just one wedding colour. Instead, think about using two or more colours – include some hues that may not normally be seen together for a new look.

12. New music to walk down the aisle – You don’t need to use the standard wedding march. Choose a new and more interesting song that will have everyone talking about your cool wedding.

13. Church altar decor – Add some interest to the front of the church by using some exciting decorations. Think about balloons or even bring in a decorative pergola.

14. Rice tossing table – Set up a small table outside the church. Instead of rice, supply packets filled with eco-friendly options such as bird seed.

15. Church lemonade stand – Create a lemonade (or soda) stand at the church. Attendees can get a quick cooler after the ceremony – a fun and friendly idea.

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