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Remember the simple pleasures that got you to the aisle, and make sure the inner diva doesn’t drown these out.

10 Signs you have turned into Bridezilla

Every new bride-to-be laughs at the TV shows that feature couples losing their cool over wedding seating arrangements, and rejoices in being just another carefree woman happily cruising towards her big day. Things, however, can turn very quickly, so it is always worth knowing the signs that you may actually be becoming a Bridezilla after all. Answer yes to three or more of these and it may be too late.

1) You threw out the first round of invite envelopes because you were having a ‘bad handwriting day’.

2) The wedding dress is currently locked behind at least two doors, stored in more than three protective bags and has a no-fly zone over it.

3) You have fired so many bridesmaids, best men and maids of honour that you’ve had to set up your own HR department.

4) You’ve matched the colour of the salmon dish at the reception to your wedding day blusher.

5) The best man gets ready to drop and give you 20 push-ups each time you ask him a question.

6) The statues on the top of the cake have their own makeup artist and hair stylist.

7) There has been a physical fight with another bride to be over the venue, DJ or catering company… and you came out on top.

8) On the morning wedding fitness sessions, your personal trainer asks if he can take a quick rest between the 8-mile laps.

9) You know your vows off by heart and often wake up in the middle of the night reciting them.

10) The only reason you don’t have any grey hairs from the planning is that they are too scared of you to grow.

Being Bridezilla has a bad reputation, but it’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes weddings need to involve this level of stress so that the big day can be as cathartic as possible. Even so, it’s worth remembering the simple pleasures that got you to the aisle and making sure that the inner diva doesn’t drown these out, as the one thing that will make it truly perfect is the ability to be yourself and enjoy the ride.

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